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Last updated: February 16, 2005
Last major update: February 8, 1999

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    Netscape Communicator GA for OS/2 is available!

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    This WebRing site is run by Aaron Williams.

    This page is still under heavy construction. Right now it's mostly a bunch of links. This page is being updated on an almost daily basis. Just wait until I get some time alone with Colorworks! (NOTE: Due to the way SPG treats its customers I will be switching to a different package. Any suggestions would be welcome. I am now looking at SX Paint.) If you have any suggestions for additions to this page or any other, send me email. This page is best viewed with Netscape Navigator for OS/2. Due to a bug in IBM's Web Explorer, pages on this site will not load properly. Complain to IBM.

    The web server for this site is still under development. It is written entirely in Java. I hope to make the source code available in the near future.

    Stop Gates This page will causeMicroshaft Internet Exploder to close.

    Anything marked with (local) will be serviced by Aaron's Java Web server.

    OS/2 Device Driver Programming Information

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    This Web Server is written entirely in the Java programming language. Aaron's Java Web Server is running on IBM's OS/2 Java package.

    Aaron can be emailed at aaronw_23@doofus.org

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    I am a California state resident. Do not attempt to send me UBE.

    Bush is a failure, a miserable failure. He's an idiot as well.