Aaron's OS/2 Device Driver Programming Information Note that this page is under very heavy construction. I have hardly started it as of yet. I likely will not have time to properly update this for the next couple of months. If you have any questions about OS/2 device drivers, feel free to send me email.


  • Gettting Started, tools and references
  • OS/2 DDK source code and on-line references
  • NDIS 2.01 device driver documentation
  • NDIS Concepts
  • Debug kernels for various OS/2 fixpacks
  • Undocumented DevHlp calls for file I/O
  • EDM/2 - The Electronic Developer Magazine for OS/2
  • Timur Tabi's OS/2 Programming Device Drivers (PDD) Mailing List Home Page
  • ICAT OS/2 Remote Source-code Debugger
  • Home of the Hello World Device Driver
  • Sample 32-bit device driver
  • LEO's sample OS/2 device drivers and IFS
  • OS/2 SMP device driver notes
  • Holger Veit's OS/2 hacking page
  • One of the best sources of information on programming device drivers is the OS/2 Programming Device Drivers (PDD) Mailing List. This is where all the real OS/2 device driver programmers hang out.

    When choosing a debug kernel, there are several choices. The HST kernels are "half strict" and do not add much overhead compared to the retail kernel. The AST, or "all strict" kernels contain much more debugging information and are much slower. Most kernel debugging can take place with the HST kernel.