Java Galactic Civilizations* Clone Project

Last updated: Oct. 1, 1998
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NEWS: The news server is now working!

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I have long played Galactic Civilizations*, an OS/2 game originally written by Brad Wardell for OS/2. The intent of the game was to create a simulation style game that did not cheat and to write it for OS/2 taking advantages of the multimedia support and multithreading.

I have started a project to write a game like Galactic Civilizations* in Java. Brad Wardell, the original creator of Galactic Civilizations*, does not think Java is mature enough to use for games. This project was spawned to try and demonstrate that Java is ready for prime time.

My goals for the game are as follows:

I have found a copy of the Galactic Civilizations* SDK which is giving me much insight into the game. I do not want to copy it, but it is very useful for giving insight as to how the current game is put together.



Joining the project I will gladly welcome any additional support for this project. There are many areas where additional people can help. I am not a graphic artist, for example (you can see my artistic ability on my Java cup on my home page.

If you want to join in, please send me email at I have also set up a news server at


I hope to enable FTP in the near future on this machine for this project. I also hope to set up a CVS server for code maintainers. Initially I will only allow FTP access for developers. When the game becomes stable enough it will be moved to anonymous FTP.

Anyone interested in joining this project can contact me at

* Galactic Civilizations is a registered trademark of Stardock Systems.