Hopkins FBI

Hopkins FBI is a new game available for OS/2 and Win32.  Ordering information can be found at  Polyex Software.

I've put together some hints to the game.  I must admit that I havn't gone very far.  The hints are all grouped together and are not exact.  It's up to you not to read ahead.

I must add the following:


Hopefully this is enough.

When you start the game you are in your apartment.

Things to try:

Hopefully now you know how to get around and you found the means to do so.
When you get in your car (What?  It's locked?  Go back to your apartment and search some more.) you will be informed of a robbery at the bank.  Go to the bank.

Talk to the seargent in charge and get the megaphone and start negotiating.  You'll figure it out.

Ok, now you should be on the roof.  Do you see anything you can pick up?

Go downstairs.  The object you found should tell you that there's more trouble awaiting you.  You need to find the cause of this trouble.  Search everything.  OK, now try moving things around.  You'll find it.

Now you need to open it.  Do you have anything that can open it or pry it open?  If not, go back to your apartment.

Now you have a real problem on your hands.  Save the game.  The object you are looking for to proceed is located in the bank.  Search everywhere.  Did you find it?  Try the shelf.  Try the flower pots.  Try the trash cans.  Hopefully you found what you need to proceed.  Save the game.  Now there are three things you can cut.  You'll figure it out.

Now you're done at the bank.  Go ahead and leave.  To exit the scene in front of the bank click at the crosswalk at the bottom of the screen.

Now you should be at the dump.  There is a clue there.  Search carefully.  Check the trash can.  Pick up the bottles. Move the plank.  You'll find something.

Try moving things around. Maybe there's some evidence hidden under something.

Hopefully you have now found something that could be considered a piece of clothing. Where do you take evidence?  Go give it to the guy at the crime lab.

Other things I've found:

You will find something at the dump that dogs like (at least the one at the pool).
At the FBI building you will find your office.  Search everywhere.  You should be able to get a nice weapon in a locked cabinet.

Go talk to Samantha and ask her about something personal. Talk to your boss as well.

Go talk to the receptionist and take down the phone number. Go to your office and make the call.

Where would you find moss and mushrooms? Have you carefully explored the southwest corner near the dump? Try the forest.

Save your game here. Trust me.

Everything should be there to cross the lake. Use the rope, it will catch on something on the other side of the lake.

You can't get lost here, but you can get killed. You might need to defend yourself.

If you reach the shack, your gun will jam. What other weapon do you have? You should have found it in your locked cabinet at the FBI building.

You are not dreaming. You are dead. Don't panic! Being dead is not that bad. OK, so you're in pergatory. What can you do?

Talk to the strange man behind the counter and all the other dead people.

Go into the bar. What can you take? Grab some peanuts and the darts. Go ahead and play darts, just make sure you end up with them when you're done.

Go through the door on the right. There's two items you can pick up here. Well, pick them up. Select the two items and wear them.

Now go back to the central room and go north. Hmmm. there's a guard in the way. Does he want anything you have in your inventory? (hint, it will make him want to go to the bar).

Go through the door. This is probably a good place to save the game. Now, you need to activate the device in this room while standing in it. Do you have something you can throw at the switch?

Now pick up the $20 bill. You have a date tonight, remember?

Part II

Go find Samantha's house. Go in and look around. Search everywhere. You should find a couple of items.

Did you open the fuse box?

Can you find a fuse?

What can you use instead?

A wrapper of something in your inventory will substitute for a fuse.

Now, what's behind the door?

You really want to see what's behind it.

If all else fails, shoot it.

Search everywhere and take everything that isn't bolted down.

Hmmm. Where can that riddle refer to?

Time to check in at the office.

What's this on your desk?

Better watch it.

What's the hint referring to?

Where is there water?

Did you find something to lure the dog away? How about something at the dump?

Snag the can of gasoline.

Now what? Did you try various objects with the pool?

Next hint...

What melts with heat?

What about something at the museum?

Where can you burn something at the museum?

What can you burn?

You have a can of gasoline from the pool.

You have a bottle from the dump.

You have the dust rag from Samantha's bathroom...

You have a lighter from Samantha's house.....

Now you should have the next hint.

Time for a movie.

Security guards arn't paid very much.

Try the projector room.

There is a way to make it work.

What's the first thing you check when you try and turn something on and nothing happens?

Pull the lever and turn on the projector.

Go into the theater.

Damn, another one.

Where can it refer to?

Have you been to the shooting range lately?

Do you notice anything different from the last time you were here?

Try the newly freed booth.


Snag everything (as usual).

Watch the tape.

I wonder what Samantha's yellow key goes to?

Could it be something at the office?

The password to Samantha's computer is nearby. Try the key.

I found the text of the computer garbled on my system. It's not essential.

Time to talk to Murphy.

How about a flight?

Save the game here. There's some cool animation!

Is there anything on the beach? Move everything.

Go into the village and talk to everyone.

Go ahead and play the game. What you found on the beach is worth $25.

What can you buy for the money? This is an island, how about some FISHING!

You have a pole, now what do you need?

There's a shovel in the village.

Where is the ground moist and soft?

It might take a few tries before you find that elusive piece of bait.

Put the bait on the hook.

Where should you fish?

Try the dock.

Go to the factory (very left side of village).

Now, how do I get in? This is a complex one.

What animals are there?

What do you have that a cat would love to eat?

Follow that employee! If you lose him, try the bar.

Have a talk with him. What do you notice about him, something about his pocket...

Can you take it?

What do you have that could distract him?

He won't buy you a drink, so you can't drink him under the table.

Do you have anything that will make him pass out?

Snag the receipt.

Go ahead and use the receipt.

Search the uniform.


More hints are available here.

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