This Release consists of the following components

  • KaAPI package
  • An Application that demonstrates KaAPI framework
  • A Syntax checking tool for the format file
  • The API for KaAPI package
  • Source code for some awt components that are KaAPI enabled

    Installation and Configuration

  • Add KaAPI_INSTALL_DIRECTORY/classes to your CLASSPATH variable, where KaAPI_INSTALL_DIRECTORY is the full path of the directory where the archive was unzipped/untarred. For ex:- If the archive was unzipped under the following directory C:\Java\KaAPI (NT,95), then the CLASSPATH variable should have CLASSPATH=....;C:\Java\KaAPI\classes
  • To run the demo program under Win32 environment
          C:\> cd KaAPI_INSTALL_DIRECTORY\bin
          C:\KaAPI_INSTALL_DIRECTORY\bin> KdemoRner
  • To run the demo program under Unix environment
          % cd KaAPI_INSTALL_DIRECTORY/bin
          % KdemoRner

    Questions, Enhancements and Bugs

    Kindly email to if you have any questions, enhancements or bugs with the software.The subject for the mail should specify if its a bug/question/enhancement as follows
    Bugs KaAPI1.0-bugs
    Enhancements KaAPI1.0-enhance
    Questions KaAPI1.0-?
    Enjoy Hot KaAPI !