Last updated on December 27, 1998

Jikes is a high-performance Java compiler that compiles .java files to bytecodes. Jikes is much faster than javac and has better error reporting.

I have ported Jikes 0.41 like John Price's with a few other minor changes. You can download the source to the patched Jikes here. You can download the binary executable here.

The main difference between my port and John's, as far as I can tell, was that I was able to eliminate the warning generated when the case of the java filename does not match the class case. I did this because my primary editor is Emacs, which converts all file names to lower case.

To install Jikes all you need to do is place it in your path. You also need to make sure that \JAVA11\lib\classes.zip is in your classpath.

The changes I have made are visible by searching for " ICC". A few were present in the original source.

The original source is available at http://www.alphaworks.ibm.com. John's port is available at http://www.ozemail.com.au/~jgprice/jikesos2.zip.

To build Jikes you must have IBM Visual Age C++ version 3.0 with the latest fixpacks installed.

Disclaimer: This software is available to you to use as-is. I make no warrantees about its operation. Use this software at your own risk.

Please send any comments or problems to aaronw@attbi.com

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